KONPAY Introduction

Brief Summary

Hello Community.
KONPAY desires to build a new payment service system that can improve the problems of high fees and long settlement cycles.

We will provide a new solution for fees and settlement cycles by utilizing blockchain smart contracts and Token-economy to replace various intermediaries in the existing payment system.
KONPAY is a blockchain payment service project that provides incentives and rewards to all participants, and provides a convenient payment service platform for merchants and users through the app, thereby facilitating interaction between users and liquidity of digital assets.
Blockchain-based integrated management system and an On/Offline Integrated Payment Platform will be provided for all users. KONPAY provides merchants with a service that allows for faster settlement than the settlement period of the existing payment structure.
Multi-digital asset payment support is also ready.
Stay alert for our new updates!

⚙️Webpage: https://konpay.io
🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/konpay_official
📱 Xangle: https://xangle.io/project/KON/key-info
💡 Telegram Channel: https://t.me/Konpay_community
💻 Medium: https://konpay.medium.com/
📡 Gitbook: https://konpaywallet.gitbook.io



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